How to properly use and connect with your crystal

How to properly use and connect with your crystal

Crystals possess unique energies and purposes, offering great support in daily life when utilized effectively. At Ethereal Crystals, each crystal is meticulously cleansed before packaging to ensure its energy is pure and ready for use.

When purchasing crystals from a source that doesn’t guarantee pre-shipping cleansing, taking steps to cleanse them before use is crucial. Understanding the ideal cleansing method for your crystal is essential to prevent damage. Certain crystals might not withstand water or direct sunlight, so being mindful is key.


For crystals suitable for water cleansing:

 Step 1: Rinsing with Water: Exercise caution, as some stones are not water safe.

 Step 2: Smudging with Palos Santos

 Step 3: Placing in a Selenite Bowl or on a Selenite Plate to cleanse and recharge.


For crystals unsuitable for water:

 Step 1: Wiping with a Damp Cloth

 Step 2: Smudging with Palos Santos

 Step3: Placing in a Selenite Bowl or on a Selenite Plate for cleansing and recharging.


Additionally, crystals can be cleansed and recharged by placing them under indirect sunlight for five minutes or under moonlight for a minimum of three hours.

Once cleansed, your crystal is ready for use. To connect with its energy, hold it in your left palm and set the intention for energy reception. Feel the crystal's vibration traveling through your body, from left to right palm. This method is effective for anyone, regardless of meditation practice.

While those who meditate can harness a crystal's energy more profoundly with focused intention, this method remains accessible to everyone.

Regularly cleansing your crystal is crucial to prevent negative energy buildup, which can lead to color fading, loss of shine, or even breakage.

This serves as a concise guide to handling and connecting with crystals upon receipt, emphasizing the importance of periodic cleansing for long-term crystal health.

Vivian Meng

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