The start of Ethereal Crystals

The start of Ethereal Crystals

Embracing a Spiritual Journey:

In 2020, amidst the chaos of the pandemic and carrying my younger daughter, a profound shift occurred. She guided me, even from within the womb, toward a different path. This journey began with clairvoyant reading classes, an eye-opening experience that paved the way for hands-on healing and energy healing courses. These practices revolutionized my life.

Transformation Through Meditation:

The meditation routines I embraced brought forth remarkable changes. I became more energetic, less stressed, and more at peace. Those around me noticed this transformation, and I'm profoundly grateful for these positive shifts.

Encounter with Crystals:

Throughout my healing and reading education, natural crystals entered my life. Their energy when held and the profound flow experienced during meditation were beyond words. The guidance and images presented by my guides were profoundly impactful.

Sharing the Journey:

I introduced my two daughters to these crystals, witnessing their love for these gems—keeping them in their rooms, holding them while sleeping, or adorning their desks. This realization sparked a deeper purpose. It's not merely about running a crystal shop; it's about assisting people in incorporating crystals into their daily lives.

The Purpose of Ethereal Crystals:

My aim is to help people integrate crystals into their lives effortlessly. While committing to meditation and a spiritual path can be challenging, crystals offer a simpler guide. In the hustle of daily life, when meditation feels elusive, holding a crystal attuned to your needs allows it to work on your behalf. Let crystals heal until you find time for your meditation practice.

Sharing Knowledge and Guidance:

To support this journey, I'm recording tutorials online and sharing insights on social media. Proper crystal care is crucial for their optimal function. Remember to cleanse your crystals and respectfully dispose of them when their purpose is fulfilled. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for video tutorials, and I'll post comprehensive explanations on my blog.

Closing Thoughts:

Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey. If you have any questions or need guidance, please reach out via email at

Thank you once again,

Vivian Meng

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