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Ethereal Crystals

12 Sided Dark Smoky Quartz Vogel

12 Sided Dark Smoky Quartz Vogel

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Vogel Dark Smoky Quartz Wand (L)

Color: Dark Smoky

Country of Origin: Brazil

Size: Large

Dimensions/Weight: approximately 0.96 inches in diameter at receiving end (narrower side), 7.0 inches in Length, 1.53 inches in diameter at releasing end (wider side) Weight: 315.2g

Vogel Quartz, what I referred to as the 'Make a Wish Wand,' is an amplifier of energy and intention during meditative practices. It is thought to elevate consciousness to a heightened state of clarity.

Recommended Use: Hold the Vogel Quartz in your hand (narrower end in the palm, wider end on the upside of the palm) while meditating, focusing on clear intentions of what you wish to receive or release during this session. Engage fully with the energy sensations that the Vogel crystal may evoke, allowing it to enhance your meditation experience and amplify your intentions.

*All natural crystal reflects color variation under sun light/room light/studio light.  Color variation may occur between pictures and actual item* 

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