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Bahia Amethyst Tooth with Tetrahedron Termination (S)

Bahia Amethyst Tooth with Tetrahedron Termination (S)

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Bahia Amethyst Tooth with Tetrahedron Termination in each formation

Color: AAA deep grape jelly purple with tetrahedron formation in each termination, this tetrahedron termination is distinct character of Brazil Amethyst.

Size: Small

Country of Origin: Brazil

Bahia Amethyst, a captivating variety of amethyst found in Bahia, Brazil, is renowned for its stunning purple hue and distinct crystal structure. What sets it apart is its rare tetrahedral termination, a unique, four-sided pyramid-like formation at the crystal's tip. This geometric feature is not only visually striking but is also believed to amplify the crystal's natural energies. In crystal healing practices, Bahia Amethyst with this special termination is sought after for its enhanced properties of intuition, spiritual growth, and its ability to create a calming, meditative environment.

-Suggested Use: Place this crystal near your bed or under your pillow to encourage a peaceful and deep sleep. During meditation, hold it in your left hand to boost your energy and help ease yourself into a state of deep relaxation.


A: approximately 1.05 inches in width, 1.75 inches in height, 0.85 inches in depth. Weight: 0.0329kg
B: approximately 0.97 inches in width, 2.30 inches in height, 1.08 inches in depth. Weight: 0.0416 kg
C: approximately 0.90 inches in width, 2.31 inches in height, 0.87 inches in depth. Weight: 0.0290 kg
D: approximately 1.14 inches in width, 3.28 inches in height, 0.91 inches in depth. Weight: 0.0465 kg
E: approximately 1.12 inches in width, 3.90 inches in height, 0.80 inches in depth. Weight: 0.0717 kg
*All-natural crystal reflects color variation under sun light/room light/studio light.  Color variation may occur between pictures and actual item*
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