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"Bear" Palo Santo Wood Carving

"Bear" Palo Santo Wood Carving

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Palo Santo Wood Carving in Bear Shape

Country of Origin: Peru

Size: Medium

Dimensions/Weight: approximately 1.25 inches in width,  3.40inches in length, 2.48 inches in height. Weight: .0300~ .0550 kg

** when the aroma of palo santo carving fades, simply use water to damp the wood, the moisture will bring the natural aroma out again**

Placing Palo Santo carvings or figurines in a room provides some subtle effects on the space, although different from burning Palo Santo sticks. Here's what it's associated with:

  1. Symbolic Presence: Palo Santo carvings often serve as symbolic representations of the wood's energy and properties. Their presence in a room might serve as a reminder or focal point for positive energy and intentions.

  2. Energetic Influence: Some practitioners uses the natural energy of the wood, even when not burning, emits subtle positive vibes. Placing carvings can infuse the environment with a sense of calmness and positivity.

  3. Aesthetic and Decorative: Beyond the spiritual properties, Palo Santo carvings can add aesthetic value to a room. Their intricate designs and earthy tones often complement decor, creating a visually appealing ambiance.

  4. Intentional Use: Individuals might also imbue these carvings with personal intentions or prayers, believing that they continue to emit positive energies or serve as a focal point for meditation and reflection.

While the effects of Palo Santo carvings might be more subtle compared to burning the wood, many people find their presence comforting and spiritually grounding. Ultimately, their influence on a space is often intertwined with personal beliefs and intentions.

*All incense displayed in the picture are as packaged, plates and stand used as prop in the pictures are not included and need to be bought separately*

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