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Lodolite (Garden Quartz) Towers

Lodolite (Garden Quartz) Towers

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Lodolite (Garden Quartz) Small Towers

Color: Clear/Smoky quartz with multi-mineral inclusions

Size: Small

Country of Origin: Brazilian states of Bahia

Garden Quartz: Fusion of Cleansing and Elemental Healing Energies

Garden Quartz, sourced from the Brazilian states of Bahia, harnesses the cleansing properties of clear or smoky quartz. It further integrates diverse healing energies attributed to varied mineral inclusions, symbolizing different elemental representations:

  • Metal: Marked by metallic-colored inclusions like copper or gold.
  • Wood: Exhibits shades of green or brown.
  • Water: Hues of blue or green.
  • Fire: Radiates tones of red or orange.
  • Earth: Characterized by dark brown or black hues.

This unique fusion embodies not only cleansing energy but also draws upon elemental inclusions, each carrying distinct healing attributes.

-Recommended use: Use to open sixth and seventh chakra in meditation.  Bring in self-healing energy from left palm to whole body.

Dimensions: ranges 0.9 inches in width, 1.4 inches in length, 0.8 inches in depth.

*All-natural crystal reflects color variation under sun light/room light/studio light.  Color variation may occur between pictures and actual item*

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