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Energy Aromatic Cleansing Kit

Energy Aromatic Cleansing Kit

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Energy Aromatic Cleansing Kit

Kit includes: 1 stick of Palo Santo wood Stick, 1 bunch California White sage, 1 small Abalone shell

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Burning Palo Santo wood sticks is a ritual embraced for centuries in spiritual practices. As the aromatic wood smolders, it releases a fragrant and soothing smoke, used to cleanse spaces and promote a sense of tranquility. The sweet and woody aroma is revered for its ability to clear negative energies, inviting in positive vibrations. This ritual is often accompanied by intentions, meditation, or ceremonies, fostering a serene and sacred ambiance.
   Smudging with sage is a revered practice known for its cleansing properties and       spiritual significance. When combined with specific herbs, sage smudging takes       on additional qualities, infusing the ritual with unique energies and intentions.

These healing properties are deeply rooted in spiritual and cultural beliefs, passed down through generations in various traditions. While the benefits are largely anecdotal and based on individual experiences, many people find Palo Santo's aroma and the ritual of burning it to be a valuable part of their spiritual practices and holistic well-being.

*All incense displayed in the picture are as packaged, plates and stand used as prop in the pictures are not included and need to be bought separately*

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