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Ethereal Crystals

Hemimorphite Beaded Bracelet (10 mm)

Hemimorphite Beaded Bracelet (10 mm)

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Rare AAA 10 mm Hemimorphite Beaded Bracelets

****Randomly Selected When Purchased****

Country of Origin: United States

Size: O/S

Beads Size/Weight: approximately 10 mm beads, Weight: 0.0305 kg

Hemimorphite is a lesser-known but intriguing crystal often used for its perceived healing properties. When worn as a bracelet, it is believed to impart several benefits:

  1. Emotional Balance: Hemimorphite is a great aid of emotional healing, promoting a sense of balance and well-being.

  2. Personal Growth: facilitate personal development, helping the wearer to evolve and overcome limitations.

  3. Creativity and Joy: Hemimorphite inspires creativity, joy, and playfulness, enriching the wearer's life with a sense of light-heartedness.

  4. Spiritual Connection: It is used to deepen spiritual awareness, enhancing meditation and connecting with higher consciousness.

  5. Energy Flow: Said to enhance and balance the energy flow, particularly in the emotional body, leading to a feeling of vibrancy and vitality.

*All natural crystal reflects color variation under sun light/room light/studio light.  Color variation may occur between pictures and actual item*

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