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Lepidolite Palm Stone (S)

Lepidolite Palm Stone (S)

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Lepidolite Palm Stone (S)

Color: Lilac-Grey

Size: Small

Country of Origin: Madagascar

Lepidolite is a lilac-gray or rose-colored member of the mica group of minerals and is known for its high lithium content. It's often used in crystal healing and as a palm stone, it offers a convenient form to carry and utilize its energies. Here are some of the commonly attributed healing properties of lepidolite:

  1. Stress Relief: Lepidolite is reputed to be incredibly effective in calming frayed nerves, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

  2. Emotional Healing: It's known for its ability to help heal emotional wounds, providing a sense of balance and calm during emotional turmoil.

  3. Balances Mood Swings: Due to its lithium content, lepidolite is helps to stabilize mood swings and bipolar disorders.

  4. Enhances Meditation: Its calming properties make it a great aid for deepening meditation practices.

  5. Spiritual Growth: Lepidolite is often used to foster spiritual growth, encouraging a deeper connection to one's inner self.

  6. Clears Electromagnetic Pollution: It's believed to clear electromagnetic pollution and can be placed on computers to absorb their emanations.

  7. Balances the Mind and Spirit: Lepidolite is said to help in the alignment of the mind and spirit, particularly useful in decision-making processes.


A: approximately 1.40 inches in width, 1.93 inches in length, 0.69 inches in depth. Weight: .0467 kg
B: approximately 1.63 inches in width, 2.26 inches in length, 0.76 inches in depth. Weight: 0.0704 kg
C approximately 1.70 inches in width, 1.95 inches in length, 0.89 inches in depth. Weight: 0.0692 kg
D: approximately 1.64 inches in width, 2.21 inches in length, 0.83 inches in depth. Weight: 0.0748 kg
E approximately 1.69 inches in width, 2.07 inches in length, 0.87 inches in depth. Weight: 0.0692 kg
F approximately 1.51 inches in width, 2.10 inches in length, 0.70 inches in depth. Weight: 0.0556 kg
G approximately 1.82 inches in width, 1.90 inches in length, 0.56 inches in depth. Weight: 0.0467 kg
H approximately 1.81 inches in width, 2.33 inches in length, 0.66 inches in depth. Weight: 0.0676 kg
I approximately 1.44 inches in width, 1.78 inches in length, 0.82 inches in depth. Weight: .0521 kg

*All natural crystal reflects color variation under sun light/room light/studio light.  Color variation may occur between pictures and actual item*

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