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White Sage Bunch Variety for Smudging

White Sage Bunch Variety for Smudging

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White Sage Bunch Variety for Smudging, two bunch per order

Country of Origin: U.S.A.

Size: one pack of 2 Bunch (approximately 4 inches in size)

Smudging with sage is a revered practice known for its cleansing properties and spiritual significance. When combined with specific herbs, sage smudging takes on additional qualities, infusing the ritual with unique energies and intentions.

Properties of Sage Alone:

  • Sage alone: Purifies spaces, clears negative energies, promotes clarity and renewal.

Combined Properties:

  • Sage with Lavender: Enhances tranquility, induces relaxation.
  • Sage with Rosemary: Amplifies mental clarity, aids focus and reflection.
  • Sage with Eucalyptus: Invigorates and refreshes, bringing an energizing atmosphere.
  • Sage with Joyful Herbs (Carnation, Daisies, and Morton leaves): Invites positivity, happiness, and inner peace.
  • Sage with Blissful Herbs (Lilac & Daisies): Fosters a sense of serenity, peace, and contentment.

*All incense displayed in the picture are as packaged, plates and stand used as prop in the pictures are not included and need to be bought separately*

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