Collection: Palm Stones

Palm stones are small, smooth stones that comfortably fit in the palm of your hand. They are often used for meditation, stress relief, and harnessing the believed healing properties of the stone. Here’s a basic way to use them:

  1. Hold the Stone: Begin by holding the palm stone in one or both hands. Feel its weight and texture. This can be done anywhere, at any time when you need grounding or focus.

  2. Meditate: You can close your eyes and meditate with the stone. Feel its energy and imagine it aligning with your intention. Even a few minutes of meditation can be beneficial.

  3. Carry It With You: Palm stones are easily portable. Carry them in your pocket or bag, and hold them whenever you need a moment of calm or focus.

  4. Place It in Your Surrounding: You can also place the palm stone on your desk, bedside table, under the pillow, or in any space where you spend time. It acts as a visual and tactile reminder of your intentions and goals.

  5. Before Sleeping: Holding a palm stone while in bed can be a relaxing way to prepare for sleep, especially if it's a stone believed to aid in relaxation, like amethyst.